The Palm Springs Filipino-American SDA Church conducted a Week of Prayer on November 2-9, 2013. The Elders of the church and other church officers took turns in presenting the message of truth each and every night. Pastor Santiago Antiporda, Church Pastor took the concluding part and summed up the highlights of the nightly message for the people who had been attending.   After each presentation, the congregation dispersed into small groups to discuss further in details what has been presented or if there were any questions, the leader of that particular group jumps in and tries to enlighten some of the issues and anybody with great ideas was encouraged. I found out that some people were looking forward to this part of the evening affair, where they could express themselves at a more personal level knowing that there people that more receptive and interested in what they had to had to say. Some of them expressed that they come to the meeting in an attempt to fill the void in their life that the world’s pleasure can never satisfy, while others expressed that they are blessed by the nightly, timely message of the Week of Prayer.

As a result of this venture, two precious souls accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior through baptism, in the persons of John and Mary Gayo, husband and wife. “I found the truth through series of Bible studies in this church.” John Gayo said. Praise the Lord for that. Indeed, the sweet presence of God was felt while Pastor Antiporda was baptizing these new converts. We could almost see God cheering us with thumbs up, “Well done thou good and faithful servants…keep up the good work!” We, as a church, take the mandate from above seriously. That’s why our church mission states, “We endeavor to grow as a church and strive to serve in our sphere of influence. We are committed to preach the gospel of God and connect people to Jesus Christ, preparing them for His Second Advent through witnessing, teaching, caring and fellowship.” We know that the Holy Spirit can renew and revive all who are willing to follow His leading. That was the essence of the Week of Prayer.